Dortha Marty at All British Field Meet

Ray Marty a man focused on rebuilding and re-manufacturing parts and components to keep those beautiful British Cars running.


My goal is to help you maintain a bit of British history by making sure the parts that make your historic car run, are thoroughly cleaned, inspected and rebuild to factory specs or better.


I have been interested in British cars since my childhood and have been working on many different aspects of these cars from my teenage years. As I retired from corporate life I decided to explore one of my hobbies and went back to tinkering with British cars.



Re-builder & Re-manufacturer of British Auto Parts

From 1991 to 1998 I focused on the whole car but then decided I wanted to specialize on components and the very detailed intricacies of specific parts that make these cars run. I enjoy making sure that these components are in prime shape as they go into our historic vehicle’s so that all may enjoy seeing

them drive down the road and be reminded of the world’s diverse and varied style from the past.


Keep those British cars running and enjoy them as I do.